Scary Maze Game 9

Maze Game 9 – Under the Sea

Scary Maze Game 9, also called the Under the Sea version, may appear to be a deceptive name when you first start playing. Its vivid colors and cute animation may throw off you judgment on this game, but don’t be fooled. It is as scary as it gets!

In this flash maze game, your character is a yellow ball. You must guide this ball through the maze to the goal line. Do you think you can handle it?

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The object of the game is to pick up the ball using your mouse, and guide it through the maze to the end. The challenge; however, is that you cannot touch the sides of the maze. If you touch the sides of the maze, you will be sent back to the first level, regardless of what level you are currently on. This is where the fun begins. Try not to touch the sides to advance in level, otherwise, you must start all over.

If you can successfully pass each level, you will be challenged in the bonus round. Hold onto your seats – it’s a scary ride!


This game does not offer very many settings for the user to adjust. It is designed for you to play with your speakers turned up to the maximum volume level, and the graphics are basic enough for anyone, regardless of your internet connection speed or graphics card ability, to play successfully. However, the main options menu includes a “Start Game” button, “How to Play the Game” button, and “More Games” button.


Scary Maze Game 9 has five challenging levels. Each level is progressively more difficult than the last. Some of the levels may have rather wide pathways for your ball to travel through, while others may be quite narrow. How you succeed is entirely up to you, and your ability to keep a steady hand.

Cheats and Hacks

Unfortunately, there are no hacks or cheat codes available for Scary Maze Game 9. The game is simple enough for most players to play successfully. However, in case you do get stuck, there are many YouTube videos available for you to watch and learn how to complete each level.

Age Appropriate

As the name implies, Scary Maze Game 9 does include some scary or graphic images. Parents should play the game first before allowing their children to play. This will ensure that it is appropriate for your child.


Scary Maze Game is a game that tests your skill, patience, and nerves. In this game you play as a yellow ball, trying to make your way through the labyrinth to the goal line. Some levels may include small pebbles along the way that you need to collect while working toward the goal.

Try not to touch the sides of the maze, though. If you do, regardless of what level you have made it to, you will instantly end your game and have to start at the very beginning again. Reach the goal on all five levels to move on to the bonus round. Hold onto your hats, though. The bonus round is by far the scariest of them all!

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