Scary Maze Game 8

Test your skill, and your nerves, in this jaw-dropping, screaming good time of an online maze game. Guide your soldier through each maze without touching the sides to see if you can reach the bonus round. Good luck!


The only thing you need to play Scary Maze Game 8 is confidence in your hand-eye coordination and your mouse. Use your mouse to guide the soldier through the maze to the goal line without touching any of the sides. Do you have what it takes?

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Compared to the previous versions of Scary Maze Game, the graphics in this version are greatly improved. The backdrop color scheme is not as flat as it was before, and the main character, the soldier, is more animated and lively.


Scary Maze Game 8 consists of five difficult levels. Each level gets progressively more difficult. The object of the game is to guide your soldier through each maze to the end. When you have completed all five levels, you will reach the bonus round. We hope you have a strong stomach, because this round is especially spooky!

How to Play

If you have played the previous versions of Scary Maze Game, then you are aware that the first level is typically the easiest. However, in Scary Maze Game 8, even the first level can be quite tricky to master. And it only gets harder from there! The maze walls are significantly more narrow, while your soldier is rather large compared to the main object in the previous versions. Not to mention, his arms and legs move as well, which can also cause you to accidentally touch the walls of the maze. Don’t get too close to the walls with him, or his shoe may accidentally tap the wall, causing you to forfeit the round and start back at the beginning.


While, there really are not any cheats available for this game, there are many video walkthroughs available on YouTube that can show you how to pass a level, should you get stuck.

Age Appropriate

As the name implies, this game has a scary appeal to it. Therefore, it may not be suitable for children under the age of 8. Parents, regardless of your child’s age, due to the nature of this game and that every child’s fears may be different, it is advised that you play the game first, before allowing your children to play. This is to ensure that the game meets your satisfaction, while making the game fun for all children.


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