Scary Maze Game 1

Remember those simple games that look so childish and effortless to play, but within minutes, you are completely hooked? The Scary Maze Game is one of these games!

Game Rules

There is one and only one simple rule to play this game: move your cursor along a yellow maze, careful not to touch any of the black walls surrounding it. What happens when your cursor accidently touches the wall? Well, you get to start again from the beginning.

But what happens when you successfully go to the end of the maze without touching the walls? You win the game, of course! But it comes with a rather nasty surprise!

If you are interested to know what that nasty surprise at the end of the game is, we won’t tell you what exactly it is, but we can give you a hint. Please emphasize on the name of this game to understand what the surprise could be: ‘scary’ maze game ‘prank’!

Does that make sense to you?

Scary Maze Game

Difficulty Levels

There are only 4 levels in the game that you would need to complete to reach the end. The levels start from easy to hard, but it will not take more than 15 minutes for a person to finish the game, even after fumbling a couple of times with it.


You will only need to move your mouse to play the game.


You will have an option to keep the volume of your device down, but the ‘surprise’ at the end of the game encourages you to keep your volume maximum.

Age Limit

This game is initially meant as a prank to be played on others, but it is not recommended for children under the age of 15, and for those who are fainthearted or elderly. 

History of the Game

The original Scary maze game has been used as a mean to play pranks on other people for years, especially on those people who scare easily and have never heard of the game. If you want to play this prank on an unsuspecting friend, sibling or friend, make sure that they do not know that this is really a prank and not a game.

Find a computer and go on to the site, make sure you explain the rules to them in a calm and serious manner so that they take the game seriously. Watch them fail again and again and concentrate on beating one level after another, and when they finally reach the alleged 4th level … sit back and watch their reaction.

Many people have played this prank on their friends and families, and you can see some of their hilarious reactions here:

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