Maze Game 8

The ever popular Scary Maze Game games are back with another version to add to the series. Scary Maze Game 8 is a spooky and fun game to play and share with your friends. It was made popular on YouTube, showing thousands of people playing the game and pranking their friends. Now, you can play Scary Maze Game 8, and troll your friends as well!

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You play as a tiny red dot. Part of the challenge with this game is the use of such a small dot. The dot can be quite difficult to see for some players.


Your job is to guide the small red dot through the maze to reach the finish line. Be very careful while doing this. You do not want to touch the sides of the maze.


Scary Maze Game 8 has 5 levels. While these levels may look quite easy, they are amazingly difficult. The color scheme of the game, thin lines of the maze wall, and the small red dot you are using to complete each level really enhances the difficulty level of this game compared to previous versions.

Successfully complete each level without touching the walls. Touching the walls will result in your game ending immediately and you will have to start all over at the very beginning.

Complete each level to reach the bonus round. This round is much more difficult than the rest of the levels, and offers a great reward!



The graphics in this game is another feature that makes this game difficult to complete. The images are quite dark, while the outline of each maze is white. You may think this should make it easier; however, due to the thin lines and tiny characters, it definitely will give you a run for your money. Try your hand at it today, and see if you have the skill and stomach to face the spooky maze adventures in Scary Maze Game 8.

Age Appropriate

As the name implies, Scary Maze Game 8 features scary images. It is appropriate for children over the age of 7 years old, however parents should play the game first and use their better judgment before allowing their children to play the game.

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