Scary Maze Game 7

Scary Maze Game 7 is an online puzzle game filled with scary adventure. It tests your hand eye coordination and your ability to work under pressure.  Your job is to use the mouse to guide the ball through each maze to the goal. Do not touch the walls of the puzzle, or any obstacles that may get in your way!

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Level 1 is an easy level designed to teach you how to play the game. In this level, you are required to guide the ball through the maze without touching the sides. If you touch the sides of the maze, you will have to begin again. To increase the difficulty of this level, there are twinkling stars around the screen that is sure to distract you. Try not to get distracted to complete the level successfully!

Level 2 is all about Super Mario Brothers. The maze is designed to make you guide the ball around the power-up mushroom from the classic game. Be careful not to touch the sides of the maze, or the evil mushroom walking across the top! If you do, you will have to start the game over from the beginning.

Level 3 may look easy, but it is actually quite difficult. In this maze, you guide the ball around the goldfish outline while avoiding the smaller swimming fish and the maze wall.

Level 4 is a surprise.

Level 5 as well.



This doesn’t sound so scary…

These mazes may not sound scary, yet. But, the fun part comes in the bonus round! Reach the bonus round to get a spooky surprise!

Cheats for the Cheaters?

Since Scary Maze Game 7 is a quick playing game, designed to test your hand-eye coordination, and patience, there are no cheat codes for the game.

Age Appropriate

Scary Maze Game 7, as the name implies, is a spooky twist on a long loved entertainment game. Parents should first play the game before allowing their children to play, due to the scary images. Some children may not be scared of the bonus round, while for others, it may cause nightmares.


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